What Aspects of a Home Increase the Value?

Whether you’re adding your favourite plants or setting up an outdoor decking area, subtle additions can truly make your house a home. 

When you’re building a new home, making it comfortable can not only increase your quality of life, it can also increase the value of your home. Factors such as storage space, heating and cooling, appliances, outdoor areas and the overall appeal of your exterior can make your home more desirable when you choose to sell it. 


In this blog, we will delve into some simple bells and whistles you can add to your home to make it more enticing and more valuable for future markets. 



From towels to toys, ample storage is an important aspect of anyone’s home. Storage can often be overlooked when building a home but could very well be the factor that turns your home from unpurchasable to extremely desired. 


When buyers are looking at your home, they will inspect cupboard space and shelving to ensure they have all the space they need to make your house their home.  


Outdoor Area/Garden 

Crucial during any season, a home’s outdoor area is often the meeting point for special occasions. Sipping iced tea in the summer among the flowers or having beers with friends around a fire pit in the winter are just a couple of the visions your potential buyers may see when viewing your garden. 


Add a deck with outdoor seating or a BBQ to appeal to viewers. Opt for low maintenance plants, shrubs, trees and flowers to ensure your garden stays in perfect condition over the years. This will also give you lower bills in watering and upkeep. 


Heating & Cooling 

Comfort is key in a home and keeping a cosy or cool temperature can be easily achieved through heating and cooling. With the fluctuating seasons, having quality heating and cooling is essential in any area. 


Your heating and cooling could be a split system or you could opt for a stunning open fireplace for cosy evenings in.

Quality Appliances 

Choosing high-quality appliances not only makes your kitchen life easier, it gives your house longevity. Spending a bit more on an oven or a dishwasher could increase the appliance’s lifespan from 10 years to 20, keeping your repair or replacement costs to a minimum. 


Good quality appliances often perform better so many buyers will assess which brand of appliance has been chosen, affecting their decision to purchase your home. 


Street Appeal 

The first thing a person sees when looking for a house is the exterior. Choosing the right finishing and colour palette is the key to street appeal, making buyers stop in the driveway and admire the view. You want people to stop on their morning walk to look at the beauty of your home. 


Opting for hues and designs that are timeless or that you adore is the ideal way to make the exterior of your home special. Choosing an ageless design will assist in keeping your home modern and appealing to the masses. 


Next Steps

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