Embracing the Future!

Did you know that the Victorian government is making significant changes to the way new homes are powered?

Victoria’s Clean Energy Transition

In line with the government’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2045, As of January 1st , 2024, all new homes requiring planning permits will be exclusively powered by electricity. This means bidding farewell to traditional gas-powered heating, hot water, and cooking for these homes.

Why the Shift?

The government’s move to phase out gas aligns with reducing carbon emissions, reaching emission reduction targets, and minimizing dependence on high-polluting fossil fuels. Natural gas contributes significantly to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, making the transition to cleaner, more efficient options imperative.

What It Means for New Home Builders

For those building a new home in Victoria, it’s crucial to understand the implications of this shift. All-electric power supplies will become the norm, marking a departure from the hybrid model that combined gas and electricity in many Victorian homes.

Key Takeaways for New Home Builders:

  1. No Need to Panic for Existing Homes: If your current home is connected to gas, you’re in the clear. These changes do not affect existing homes, including those with gas connections.
  2. Exceptional Cases: The new policy doesn’t apply to homes that don’t need planning permits, residences with existing permits approved before January 1, 2024, homes with existing gas connections, renovations/extensions, and the use of bottled gas for outdoor BBQs.


Why the Move Away from Gas?

Beyond environmental reasons, there are emerging concerns about the health risks associated with gas in homes, including respiratory issues. The government aims to encourage clean energy produced by household solar panels combined with energy-efficient electrical appliances.

The Gas Substitution Roadmap

Victoria’s Gas Substitution Roadmap outlines the strategy for transitioning to renewable energy faster. It includes policy changes, support for industry, household support for upgrading to efficient electric appliances, changes to government gas use, and initiatives to help Victorians cut energy bills.

Energy Efficiency Requirements

The roadmap introduces a new 7-Star Standard for new homes from May 2024, ensuring more efficient home designs.

Incentives and Support for Going Electric:

  1. Solar Panel Rebate: Up to $1,400 rebates may be available for installing PV systems.
  2. Solar Battery Loans: Interest-free loans of up to $8,800 can aid in reducing the upfront cost of installing a battery.
  3. Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) Program: Supports households in reducing energy costs by installing energy-efficient equipment.


For a smooth transition and to make the most informed decisions about your new home, Southern Vale Homes is here to answer your questions and guide you towards the right system and appliances.

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For more information visit: Victoria’s Gas Substitution Roadmap (planning.vic.gov.au)