Planning Your Home Around Growing Children

Moving into a new home is exciting for the
whole family, especially children. They get to choose their room, explore new
environments and set up their space to learn and grow. Ensuring they are
equipped with the right environment can make a world of difference to not only
their lives, but yours too.

 When building a new home there are a few
things to consider when you have or plan to have children. In this blog, we
will delve into what will make your home more child-friendly before you start
your new build.


At the heart of every home, a kitchen is
where a family spends the majority of their time. A kitchen needs to be a
functional space where clutter is at a minimum. With young children, kitchens
can be messy, so additions like a butler’s pantry can make all the difference
to the look and feel of your space. Keep things organised with plenty of bench
space and power outlets for appliances.

 As your children become older, think about
how they may want to use the kitchen. Creating spaces that are easily
accessible for snacks or to assist with cooking can make the kitchen a more
appealing place for pre-teens or younger children. Teenagers may also like to
use the kitchen to study or use a mobile device.


Due to curiosity, many children love to
test and break things. Ensuring your home is as durable as possible can be the
difference between minor and expensive repairs. Choosing more expensive
materials, appliances and finishings can provide longevity to your home,
especially with children around. Opting for an experienced builder with quality
in mind can make all the difference to your future expenses.

Mud Room

The ideal addition to any home with or
without children, a mud room keeps your mess and mud out of your home. Situated
at the entrance or backdoor of your home, this area stores shoes, school bags,
school blazers, umbrellas, skateboards, roller blades, surfboards and any other
bits and bobs your family might be into.

 This is the perfect place to take off wet
or muddy clothing and shoes and to store items you often need when heading out
and about.


With children comes toys, clothing, school
items, hobbies and so much more. These things are also outgrown quickly making
for a revolving door of things constantly taking up space.

Keep in mind when you’re building your new
home, how much storage space you will need for your children and cater for it.
Add in additional cupboards and drawers throughout your home to ensure there is
enough space for everything you will need.

Outdoor Areas

There is nothing better than fresh air for
growing children. Opt for space where your children can play out in the
sunshine while you relax on the patio. Add in play equipment such as a cute
little cubby house or swing set to keep them engaged. These are great additions
as they can be removed when your little ones are not so little anymore.

Southern Vale Homes

More than anything, children of all ages
require space to be themselves. Choosing and building a home where they feel
comfortable will be important to their growth and development.

At Southern Vale Homes, we know children
and we know homes. Whether you need an outdoor area or a specific kind of mud
room, we have you covered. Contact us today to build a home your family will be
glad to grow in.