Spending time outdoors is great for your overall well-being, but is it great for entertaining? 

Setting-up an entertaining area inside or outside brings an array of factors into consideration, offering up pros and cons.

The outdoors offers sunshine, fresh air and nature, perfect for rest and rejuvenation, whereas indoors provides a controlled environment. 

Whether you’re having a birthday party, Christmas lunch, or hosting friends for a BBQ, choosing an indoor or outdoor setting can make all the difference to your event. Let’s explore the benefits and drawbacks of both! 


Set among nature, the outdoors provides a laid-back atmosphere that can be amplified by pleasant weather. With plenty of fresh air and light, the outdoors can be an excellent place to entertain. 

One of the greatest pros of an outdoor entertaining area is the fact that such areas as a garden, deck, BBQ area or a combination of these can greatly boost your property value.

The cons of entertaining in an outdoor space can be the lack of control over the environment. If you don’t have an undercover area, rain can quickly ruin your soiree. 

Mosquitoes, wasps and other irritating bugs can add moments of discomfort to your event. Depending on your layout, it may also be slightly less private with noise from passersby or the surrounding area.

Aside from entertaining, a deck is great for sunbaking in summer or enjoying iced tea undercover with a good book. 


Away from the elements, having an indoor entertaining area may be a safer option due to its year-round consistency. With a more controlled environment, you are able to host with ease during any season. This environment also allows the host to have control over the lighting, temperature and the overall ambiance of the space. 

Indoor spaces may also provide a more formal and private atmosphere than outdoors. This depends on your outdoor setup, but an indoor setting may be more suitable for special occasions or fancy feasts. 

The cons to indoor entertaining are that you will need to have a large house or room to host many people and that it can be less open and airy compared to an outdoor setting. An indoor setting can also lack sunlight during the day and you can miss out on some gorgeously balmy summer nights out in the garden.  

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